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Kansui (Lye Water)

Lye water that I used to put in noodles doesn’t make yellow colour. I would like to try different kind of brand so I went to the China Town to research.

I found one at the same store that I got last time. It might be better to buy expensive one so I spent $5 at this time. It printed “雪梘水” (Lye Water). The ingredients said “potassium carbonate”.

In the other store, I found another brand one. I don’t remember the Chinese character but it said “sodium bi-carbonate”.

So I researched more about this lye water. It is originally coming from Mongolia natural water and it writes “鹹水”. This is pretty rare item and I don’t think I can find them in China Town.

And the one I got from the store (potassium carbonate) doesn’t have any effect to make noodle yellow. I already opened it so I don’t think I can return :(

Also, sodium chloride was on the market after the WWII in Japan and you don’t see at the glossary store anymore.

The sodium bi-carbonate that I found in the other store was the correct one. It become sodium carbonate when you heat them up. (See Wikipedia)

Also, baking soda that I have at home is also sodium bi-carbonate so I don’t need to go to China Town and I can just use this one. I hope it will turn out well next.

I also found that sodium bi-carbonate can be used in spagetti to make ramen noodle <a href="、” target=”_blank”>(Japanese site). I would like to try one sometime as well.

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